The Oakland Post 2010-09-22

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dc.description.abstractIn Transit: Parking Presents Problems ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL Separating fact from fiction: Why others' myths and misbeliefs are everyone's misfortune ; Inequality in the locker room: Mistreatment of Inez Sainz shows that women are still treated poorly on the job ; Parking tickets on the rise: Bear Bus and Bike Share transportation available to avoid fines ; Students express anti-Obama sentiments ; police files: Property vandalism ; OU Film Makers' Guild returns ; Greek recruitment begins on campus ; MBH hosts African dinner ; Campus Briefs Macomb Keys given to OU ; Red Cross blood drive ; Flag Football ; Orgs work together to promote a green campus ; Returning to the court: Brittany Carnago back in action after a serious injury ; Grizzlies' soccer comes up empty against Butler ; COLUMN Instant replay does more to hurt sports than help ; The Sporting Blitz ; A LAP AROUND THE RECENTER ; Softball team announces new head coach ; Local Briefs ; Local Germans celebrate heritage with Oktoberfest ; Tea Party: A presence in Michigan ; Credit card debt surpassed by student loans ; Students gather food; clothes for Pakistan flood relief effort ; Global News ; Guatemala travels: OU alum gives aid to village farms ; Totally taboo tattoos: Body art boasts a different style of artistic expression ; Comedy crew to hit OU: "Daily Show" staffers to perform at Meadow Brook Festival ; records & reels ; Trying to save the fall TV season ; Guardian of Squirrel Rd.: Destroyer or redeemer? Construction Barrel Man is a legenden_US
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dc.relationThe Oakland Sail
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dc.titleThe Oakland Post 2010-09-22


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