The Oakland Post 1991-11-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Board regrets loss of interim nursing dean to slow process ; Shakin' things up ; USC elections turn racial; ugly ; Extension alumni reorganized ; $65 million requested ; Raise for deans ; Business lecture ; Magic banner ; Students ignore AIDS threat ; Group lobbies student issues to Legislature ; Prof sponsors WINDS speaker ; Student newspapers report censorship attempts ; CRIME WATCH ; USC elections scary ; YOUR VIEW Ouija board Satanic ; President only seeing part of devastaion ; Unnecessary stress in nursing ; No stein of Busch at talk ; Election flyers breed hatred ; Homeless plight hits home hard ; Key to AIDS is education: Prevention and support are vital ; AIDS ; Freshman orientation ; Shades protect from UV rays in winter too ; Students watch Beast created ; Cultural baggage often burdens race relations ; Heavy Metal Horns plays the unexpected ; Girlfriend in Sweet album ; Fisher's Mikado still sings with fun ; Sports heroes fade away; yet impact still felt ; Soccer finishes season at home: Pioneers lose in NCAA tournament ; Pioneers win takes on foreign dimensions ; Spikers dropped by Saginaw Valley State ; Women's swim team takes a run for the border in win ; Men's basketball prepares for season tip-off: Pioneers picked to finish fourth in GLIAC preseason poll ; Basketball Notes ; Men's Signings ; Women's Signing



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, AIDS, Racism