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The aim of this project is to explore why the video game subgenre of roguelike dungeon crawlers differ in their control schemes between PC and mobile based games. This project will develop a roguelike game called Touch Crawler for the PC and mobile devices, in which it will offer a unique combination of genre and control scheme for the PC. Unlike most PC roguelike games, Touch Crawler will be mostly point and click as if it were a mobile game, while also being available for PC. Like most roguelikes, it will offer an experience of a scrolling shooter game where you fight your way through rooms, bosses and entire areas where the goal is to go as far as possible while winning the most points. Research such as this will be able to identify a possible new and innovative game design feature that may be used in roguelike Dungeon Crawlers in the future and answer the question as to why PC-Based roguelike Video Games do not use the same touch-based control schemes as their mobile counterparts.



Gaming, Roguelikes, Control Scheme, Unity, Github