The Oakland Post 2007-02-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


AUTHOR COMES TO OU ; Professional blogging revolution ; Sexuality center offers help ; Prosecutors: Libby 'not credible' ; Overcoming my own obstacles ; Blair to announce Iraq withdrawal plan: BBC: Blair to announce the withdrawal of some British troops from Iraq ; FROM A1 ; Enter for a chance to win $25!!! ; TODAY IN HISTORY ; Fashion flares at OU Mardi Gras ; WHAT'S ON ; Mr. Smith goes to Oakland: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith scheduled to hit OU's Oakland Center ; Death's Door ; OU sponsors relay to fight cancer ; Knocking legends: OU grad writes book to dispel myths ; Student musicians; live and in concert ; POLICE FILES ; Sara Young: piano; voice ; Chris Napier: trumpet ; Tara Sievers: voice; piano ; EDITORIAL Lives are damaged while we bicker ; Increasing use of 'bio-fuels' should be a no brainer ; Big brother is still watching you ; INTERESTING FACT ; Schools left in limbo ; Unresolved budget issues leave Michigan schools with uncertainty about cuts headed their way ; DTE Energy Co. faces deadline on spent nuclear fuel ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF: Former President Clinton to speak at NAACP dinner ; Trio of climbers saved by electronic beacon and 4-year-old dog ; Hold the fries and pass the veggies ; Britney Spears checked herself into a rehab; magazine's Web site says ; It's no Cancun: How to make the most of a Motown Spring Break ; Volver: Up for an Academy Award ; Heat things up: Without burning a hole in your wallet ; Orange: The New Tan: A Postie shares her experience with a spray on tan ; WHAT ROBIN WILLIAMS MIGHT SAY ABOUT MOVING AWAY FROM HOME ; Living space meets learning space: Not all dorms are created equal ; Stay warm; all the cool kids are doing it ; Layering correctly for winter sports means more playing; less shivering ; Survey says everyone slacks: Younger workers spend the most time on personal tasks; QUOTE OF THE WEEK ; Return of spring training ; Baseball junkies get their fix ; Hit and miss: Women shine; men falter on road ; Sweet finish ; McMahon steps up in last game ; We are the champions - again ; Swim takes home eighth straight title ; ALL STAR GAME? NOT SO MUCH ; The Final Countdown: Grizzlies are down to the wire before Mid-Con Tournament ; Who's your Grizzly?: Meet and greet your tournament-bound Golden Grizzlies



Oakland University. Gender and Sexuality Center, Fashion, Cancer, Young Artists Concert, State funding, Spring break, Dormitories, Residence halls, Men's swimming and diving, Women's swimming and diving, Regional championships, Golden Grizzlies