The Oakland Post 1997-09-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Faculty upset over lost benefits ; Pig Roast Protest: Members of HARE & ADAPTT educate ; A battle between bookstores ; Professor improves surgical technique ; Fast Facts ; Campus News OU consumes zero tolerance ; Top VP finds time to gather student input ; OU sciences get notable fellowship ; CRIME WATCH ; EDITOR'S VIEW Compromising beliefs; giving up necessities ; Letters to the Editor Residence halls students call for campus improvements: University Complaints ; VOICE YOUR OPINION ; The following is a list of upcoming meetings on campus; All are open to the public. ; FEATURES JEWEL at Meadow Brook ; Rain did not stop the crowd from pouring in ; Campus E-mail makes life easier; students say ; HIDDEN TREASURE ; OU offers free E-mail service to all students ; Sure Thing OU EVENTS: MUSIC ; FILM ; OTHER ; A chance meeting with a princess: OU student is honored to meet princess before her fatal accident ; Student cadets provide safety; convenience ; The Reel Deal Worthwhile Moore redeems herself in G.I. Jane ; SPORTS Pioneer soccer sees red: Team stocks eligibility for Division I schedule ; European competition essential to OU program ; Women's soccer picks up where it left off ; Wearing red brings athletes one more year ; Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Sports Calendar ; Tourney atmosphere grabs volleyball ; Women's tennis to open split season ; Golf "tees" off season ; Golf outing to benefit athletic department



Union contracts, Faculty, Alcohol policy, Cronn, Dagmar, Technology