Potential of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy as a Healing Modality


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This Honors College thesis will explore the possibilities and opportunities for advancement in resonance therapy, and its potential applications in the treatment of nerve pain, wound management, orthopedic fractures, arthritic pain, fibromyalgia, TMD, spine pain, scar release, increasing range of motion, and many more conditions. Resonance therapy incorporates different forms of resonance, including frequency specific microcurrent (FSM), pulsed electromagnetic field, sound, and lasers. This thesis will focus specifically on FSM because it has existed over a longer period of time; thus, it is the most developed and most utilized resonance therapy technology providing the most research data. However, it remains a relatively unknown and infrequently practiced treatment modality by medical practitioners, and may have limited funding available to use the technology and certify practitioners in it. However, if practitioners were more knowledgeable of its benefits, FSM may become more universally accepted in the medical field as a viable treatment option.



Frequency specific micro current, Resonance therapy, Physical therapy, Health sciences