Literature Review of Pain Management Techniques and Tools in Geriatric Population

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This is a literature review of current articles and data available on the experiences, pharmacological interventions and non-pharmacological interventions available to treat chronic non-cancerous pain of the geriatric population within the last ten years. The objective of this research is to identify what tools and techniques are being used to assess patient pain levels, what types of pharmacological interventions are being used to treat the pain, and whether the pharmacological interventions are as effective as the non-pharmacological interventions. The research includes the review of seventeen articles gathered through online databases and focuses on three key areas: patient experience, pharmacology, alternative therapy. The research shows that there are many barriers during assessment that are preventing appropriate pain management; additionally, non-pharmacological pain interventions are found to be very effective in treating chronic non-cancerous pain. The objectives of the research are met and this article provides an overview of what is in the current literature for chronic non-cancerous pain management in the geriatric population.



Geriatric, Chronic pain, Non-cancerous pain, Pain management, Alternative medicine, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Opioid analgesics, Pain assessment