The Oakland Post 2005-11-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Proposals; incumbents litter voter ballots ; In Time for the Dissection ; BOT rolls fees into tuition: Decision garners support; criticism from students ; Communities divide over SMART service ; Passion brings prestige: Norton Scholar credits English department ; OUSC to address image concerns ; Shame and fear hung out to dry ; POUCE FILES ; Shattered Earth impacts environmental opinions ; Fraud within FEMA?: Report: Authorities did not act on Detroit FEMA aid fraud evidence ; Police don't have tabs on sex offenders ; Remembering the Fitz ; NATION ; WORLD ; EDITORIAL It's our voice - and just that ; GUEST COLUMN Student Congress lives up to mission ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Chartwells' food is a torture to our bodies ; OUSC performs well; The Post acts unprofessionally ; The Post describes OUSC inacurately ; Find an alternative to driving ; ENVIRO NEWS ; Should you be vaccinated against the flu this season? ; 'Jarhead' leaves audiences hanging ; Men's Basketball Preview: Last year's tourney run brings this year's fans; expectations ; OU's new faces feature talent and experience ; McCloskey looks to regain magical feeling



Tuition rates, Anatomy, Awards, Environment