The Oakland Post 1996-04-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


New student liaisons named to Board seats: Student successors have big plans for positions ; Language studies get one student a full ride Graduate student heads to Yale ; Russi offered presidential seat: OU reacts to Board's spontaneity ; Search looms ahead for VP replacement ; OU community hopes for a national search ; Campus OMA lawsuit still pending court decision: Board decision does not alter stance taken by The Oakland Press ; A package only OU could deliver ; Honors College brings eclectic look to campus ; Groundbreaking draws OU community to Vandenberg ; Purse burglar on the prowl: CRIME ; Herpes awareness ad contest means scholarship for student ; Economic talk to boost international relations: Attendees gain understanding of nations; people ; Gifts of art adorn Kresge Library following seminar ; OPINION ; EDITOR'S VIEW Board's actions violate process; OU traditions ; Letters to the Editor Hazing incident: Greek Counci President-Elect Speaks Out ; Too Removed to accurately Report ; Letters to the Editor Greeks feel coverage: Attack on Post ; Urge to Learn ; Saying Thanks ; Financial Aid Displeasure ; Post Coverage: Tells It Like It Is ; Sports Arena demand analysis returned: OU; Auburn Hills will now decide whether to pursue second phase ; Pioneers stuck in second place despite wins ; Sports teams will be housed in bubble for next two years ; Pioneers finish five strokes back ; Highlighting the Pioneer season: Memorable moments in Pioneer sports ; Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Spring-Summer sports calendar ; Baseball ; Golf ; Profs Spend Most of Their Time Teaching; Study Says ; CIPO This Week! ; Vending machines losing proposition ; UNC Students Demonstrate Against Anti-Semitic Graffitti ; Memories of past OU lecturers: SPB collection of trinkets showcases the odd things that people have left at OU ; Features Failing at Fashion ; Personal choice or mistake of generation ; What's lacking in library



Russi, Gary, Oakland University. Honors College, Kresge Library, Gifts, Art, Lepley Sports Center, Fashion