The Oakland Post 2008-06-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Bon Appetit: What where and how students eat ; THIS WEEK 6.11.08 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Feed the people not our vehicles ; Student Congress wants your ideas: Steve Clark's office has some left-over money to spend for students ; Deferred payment allocated ; After giving $1.1 million back to OU students; board of trustees passes project to spend more of the deferred state appropriations ; OU student author waxes philosophical: Aleksey Bashtavenko's new book seeks the path to finding the meaning of life ; LGBT mentor program offers help to new students ; Rhetoric to offer new BA in writing ; POLICE FILES ; Obama visits Troy High ; Presidential candidate talks about job loss and tuition increases ; Local eateries offer sensible menu selections ; Don't panic - it's organic: Organic foods are becoming a choice among many consumers ; Brain food helps minds stay hungry to learn ; SPECIAL ORIENTATION INSERT CAMPUSQUEST ; Park it; walk it; deal with it ; What is the worst thing you have ever eaten? ; Food pyramid schemes: To reach peak performance; Grizzlies meticulously craft diet plans ; MENU OF CHAMPIONS ; Baseball season ends in sorrow: Grizzlies drop nine of ten to finish a disappointing spring COLUMN ; Solo record-breakers highlight track finale ; Make the best of bar night ; Tired of the same old dank pit? The Post advises you on the best area sports bars; where everybody knows your name ; POST UP ; Screaming for ice cream? ; Competition heats up on 'Iron Chef' spin-offs ; TUNE IN ; Makimoto serves up sushi ; Red Wings' cup celebration a parade of unintended laughs ; I am saving up for a hamburger ; Wild weather hits the Midwest ; N W BRIEFS ; Lord Stanley comes back to Hockeytown ; Saudi Arabia calls for summit on rising energy costs ; Clinton bows out



Oakland University. Student Congress, Renovations, Orientation