The Oakland Post 2009-02-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


STAFF EDITORIAL Posted: Student leaders needed ; Harness the 'power' of 'networking' ; Approved by the board ; Surgeon stresses reading; religion ; Worthy: Detroit still needs to go a long way ; Student elections to be more visible ; Campus briefs: Fialka-Feldman denied ; 'Bloody' on stage ; POLICE FILES ; Bing leads polls in mayoral race: Former Detroit Piston gains six-point advantage over Cockrel ; State chooses new prison health care ; Do you have plans for Valentine's Day? ; Mahard making movies: Theater lecturer at OU makes his mark in locally filmed flicks ; Wrestling down the barriers: Jacob Orban combats with his opponents and doubters on the mat ; Golden Grizzlies Games of the Week: HOMECOMING BASKETBALL VS CENTENARY Men: Benson; Kangas lift OU in a comeback battle ; Women: Winning the 'war' ; Pogue announced as head coach: Former assistant men's soccer coach will have big shoes to fill come May ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK: April Kidd Women's Basketball Year: Senior Major: Communication ; Coming attractions: GAME SCHEDULE FOR WEEK OF FEB. 11-17 ; Jason returns: Jared Padalecki is hooked on horror in the latest 'Friday the 13th' ; NY rockers 'light' it up ; Choose your own Valentine's Day date ; Senate; Fed; Treasury attack with $3 trillion ; NEW BRIEFS ; Arson suspected in wildfires ; Italian woman in right-to-die debate dies ; Police: Rihanna is Brown's victim



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Carson, Ben, Worthy, Kym, Kresge Library, Oakland University. Student Congress, Mahard, Thomas D.