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Creating autonomous robots in order to complete tasks has received increasing attention in recent years due to efforts to increase productivity and efficiency. The objective of this project is to create an autonomous table-to-floor-to-table robot. The robot will start inside a square on a table, travel to the floor, trace a square without hitting any cones, travel back to the table, and end up in the same square. The table-to-floor-to-table robot will be autonomously flown as a drone and then driven with a set of treads, wheels, and axles once on the ground. Through testing, the robot was successful in completing the ground course of the challenge, tracing the square in forty seconds, which is ideal given that the time limit for the entire course is five minutes. The total cost of all of the components that are used on the robot add up to $296, and the budget for the project is capped at $300. These two factors display that the robot meets the criteria of the challenge.



mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering