The Oakland Post 2006-11-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Destination: South Bend: OU women's soccer advances to the NCAA Tournament after taking down Southern Utah and Western Illinois. The Golden Grizzlies will face Notre Dame Thursday ; Lieberman; Dems challenge for control of Congress ; Lebanese Club founded on passion: Nasty e-mail leads to union between orgs ; WRITING EXCELLENCE AWARDS Awards recognize talents in writing ; News in Brief: Mons Parking; More Smiles ; OUSC finally agrees - No on 2: Decision ends months of divisiveness ; POLICE FILES ; Raising cultural awareness with fun and cooperative effort: Weeklong activites bridge gaps in cultures ; Question of the Week ; Where have you gone; Joe DiMaggio? ; "No More Commercials" ; "Hubble Makeover" ; Money can't buy Gov: Granholm wins second term as governor ; THE WORLD IN BRIEF: Fired evangelist apologizes for his 'sexual immorality' ; Microsoft maps out the competition ; IRAQ GOVT PREPARES DRAFT LAW: Hussein supporters may be reinstated ; 'harsh Times' arrives in theater? after a harsh journey: Directorial debut of established screenwriter builds anticipation ; THE EXPLODING HEARTS ARE BURSTING WITH SOUND: The message of their music outlives a tragic accident ; Can't we all just get along? ; ART EXHIBIT REVIEW Exhibit offers commentary on NYC life ; Key Findings from exit polls ; Nation watches Michigan's proposals: Prop. 2 making national headlines; may ban Affirmative Action ; HOCKEY Hot streak stopped cold: Hockey team loses momentum and falls in bitter rivalry ; WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Volleyball falls again ; The Defenders: Women's basketball hungry for second ticket to Big Dance ; Post Panel Predictions



Women's soccer, NCAA, Oakland University. Student Organizations, International students, Affirmative action, Elections