The Oakland Post 2007-10-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Piecing together the presidency ; THIS WEEK ; Oakland University President Gary Russi talks to the Post ; STAFF EDITORIAL Lose the political labels and find yourself ; "When warrantless wiretaps go bad." ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Four on Four: four panelists share their take on four topics ; 'All work and no play' can lead to an unhealthy life ; Talking about trading: North American panel discusses politics; international relations ; Time capsule; photo contest wrap-up WOCOU ; DESCRIBING DAD: Mitt Romney's son visits OU ; TEACHING THROUGH T-SHIRTS ; Refunds to be given for Wiesel tickets ; POLICE FILES ; Awareness conferences to promote cyber safety: High-tech prizes to be raffled ; OU's Ph.D. program in counseling accredited: University; students to benefit ; OU's next Greek organization?: MUSTANG on the quest to become Oakland's Sigma Lambda Beta chapter ; Why buy when you can DIY? ; Caught reading The Post ; What is your favorite thing to do around Halloween? ; The Buzz On: Last minute; cheap and easy costume ideas ; What is your favorite Halloween costume? ; Special Feature: FRAT HOUSE HAUNTINGS ; OU struck by Madnezz: Basketball teams make 2007-08 debut at the O'rena ; Making the late jump: 2003 high school graduate Jamie Hulet is making an impact as a walk-on ; Women's soccer trounces the Titans ; Offensive outburst: Oakland nets four goals in Summit League win at Centenery ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; MEN'S SOCCER NEWS AND NOTES ; Downward spiral: Volleyball continues to drop league matches ; Give and take: Club hockey pulls even over weekend ; Students displeased with prize distribution ; More Madnezz ; Tiger Stadium's fate becomes clearer ; Tax increase sparks debate: Few solutions remain to fix state deficit ; MSU to expand its operations to the Middle East ; Plans to set up programs in Dubai will allow students to get degrees without setting foot on campus ; Michigan's backup water system ; Like a long music video ; "Across the Universe" is a love story written in Beatles' lyrics. ; No band needed ; Blue grass fury ; Unworthy venue ; 29 years of' Halloween' ; Like the B-52s - only good ; Mute Math rocks St. Andrews Hall ; Productive time wasting ; O hai.We eated ur attn span. sry. ; Mr. Homecoming Queen ; A high school in St. Louis; Mo: elects a male homecoming queen; parents and other nominees distressed ; Suspended Vatican official insists he was pretending to be gay ; Gore awarded Nobel Peace Prize ; Nation World News Briefs ; Mother of soldier to send 80,000 cans of Silly String to Iraq



Russi, Gary, Presidential elections, Oakland University. School of Education and Human Services. Department of Counseling, Counseling, Accreditation, Fraternities, Women's basketball, Men's basketball, Midnight Madnezz