The Oakland Observer 1965-11-05



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Oakland's Unique Experiment Is Kettering Magnetics Laboratory ; Student Creates Inanity Before Subjectivity ; SNCC Freedom Singer's Perform ; Hecht Opens OU Poetry Fest On Nov. 9-13 ; Lot Opened; Tow Inforced ; How Do We Do? ; Enchiridion Does Good ; Easy to "Cross the Bar" Army Life vs College Life ; War In Vietnam Defends Pickets' Right to Protest ; Quiet!! ; An Editorial Protest for What? ; The Crucible Viet Solutions Abound ; Placement ; Letters To The Editor ; What About God? ; Pulse: Milliken Isn't ; No Comment: Scholar Publishes Poems ; Dorm Council Makes Love Separate House Business ; Nagging Money Problems? Help Is As Near As OC ; Ehrling to Appear In Special Recital ; Food Service Developes Dexterity Student Says ; Brace And Wife Studied Algerian-French Strife ; Putnam's Injury Hurts C C ; Clansmen Conquer ; B-Ball Opens



Kettering Magnetics Laboratory, Parking, Dormitory Council, Ehrling, Sixten