Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, March 17, 1977




Oakland University. Senate

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Planning Committee. SEE University Planning Committee (1978). Music-Master of Art 2d reading. Approved. Academic conduct-revised University Policy on Academic Conduct. Report. Presidential Review-ad hoc Committee on Presidential Review-procedures. Academic Policy & Planning Committee-establishment, charge & membership. Approved. University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction-establishment, charge & membership. Approved. Academic Budget & Planning Committee-discharged. Approved. Academic Policy Committee-discharged. Approved. Credits-Advanced Placement Exams. Criteria for granting credit. Advanced placement exams-criteria for granting credit. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)-Criteria for granting credit. Competency-competency credit. Accelerated Degree program rescinded. Senate-Constitution-amendments. Athletics-athletic eligibility. Guidelines. Info item. Open Meeting Act. Info item.


Agenda and Minutes for the March 17, 1977 Meeting of the University Senate


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