The Oakland Post 2008-10-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Are We Eating Our Money? Student Orgs Pose Questions Over Chartwells' Pricing and Service ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Let Chartwells know you mean business ; New ways of looking at the economic crisis ; STUDENT LIFE WEEKLY HOT TOPIC Karen Clemmons-Lloyd Assistant Dean of Students: Think before you cheat ; Chartwells focus of OUSC meeting ; Students organizations raise issues with lone OU food provider's prices; service ; No homecoming; no problem ; OU troupe to give audience a 'Nightmare' ; OU fraternity founded on tolerance ; New greek community opposed to hazing; not focused on wealth ; POLICE FILES ; Congressional candidates debate policies at OU ; Upcoming election events on campus ; Romanticism alive at Oakland ; OU professor acquitted: Sister convicted; facing up to 20 years in prison ; Senate debate in Detroit: Levin; Hoogendyk face questions from audience in U.S. Senate debate ; NEWS BRIEFS ; "Buddy'ing up with Oakland ; Mural at Buddy's acknowledges OU ; Begging for candy: Are you ever too old to go trick or treating? ; Time to dress-up ; What was your best Halloween costume? ; Putting the 'car' in care: OU students share what they think about their vehicles ; Heroics in club sports ; Stevens; Brandon; Glowacz thrive despite difficult situations ; Grizzlies inspired by Series ; Runners seeking redemption: MacDonald fights adversity with help from cross country team ; Midnite Madnezz rocks O'rena ; A taste of local and global brews: REVIEW ; Step up your Halloween get-up ; Spilling the juice on gossip ; Kerkorian sells off Ford shares ; Former Thailand Prime Minister guilty of corruption ; N W BRIEFS ; Turkey tries 86 for conspiracy ; Russia; Iran; Qatar discuss OPEC-style gas cartel



Oakland University. Student Congress, Food service, Weekend of Champions, Fraternities, Politics