The Oakland Post 2010-09-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Going Green: OU Takes Steps Toward an Eco-Friendly Campus ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL College ranks can be deceiving ; the matching socks ; What qualifies as sport? ; ON SECOND THOUGHT - Going green requires green ; Welcome Week ends big ; Sigma Pi and SPB present Pig Roast and Charlie Murphy comedy ; Hispanic Celebration begins ; Conference held for young professionals ; police files: Assault in West Vandenberg ; campus briefs ; Concerns brought to OUSC ; OU students vie to be the next Grizz ; NCAA shades of gray ; COMMENTARY Rules leave room for error and confusion ; The Sporting Blitz: UPCOMING EVENTS Men's Soccer ; Women's soccer nets goal; ties U-D ; Independent cheerleading squad all about pride ; Golf teams finding early success ; Men's basketball releases full season schedule ; ECO-FRIENDLY FLOOR IN VANDENBERG ; GOING GREEN: Eco Initiatives Earth-friendly projects take shape on campus ; EFFICIENT LIGHTING ; PLEASE RECYCLE THIS PAPER: ZERO EMISSION CARS ; CHARTWELLS; ORGANIC FOOD AND RECYCLYING ; GEOTHERMAL PUMP ; SOLAR ELECTRIC ROOF ; local briefs ; Cafe Muse adopts farm fresh attitude ; The Oakland Post named ACP Pacemaker finalist ; Global News: ON SEPTEMBER 15 IN HISTORY ; Students promote "green": Aiming for a healthier environment; students develop projects ; Next step: Waterford: Senior Justin Clarke runs for school board position ; professor profiles: Linda Schweitzer Director of Environmental Science and faculty advisor for the Environmental Society ; DIA is"In Your Dreams": The midtown art museum brings out their collection of prints ; Third sibling to graduate from the OU dance program ; records & reels ; Future news: Lions win Super Bowl ; Real reasons for the tuition hike



Hispanic Celebration, Grizz, Eco friendly, Student newspapers