The Oakland Post 2007-04-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Is a medical program on its way to OU? ; THIS WEEK ; OU invites Spartans back to school: It's been more than 50 years since Oakland University and Michigan State University shared a campus; but a new proposal may reunite the two schools and open OU's facilities to MSU's School of Osteopathic Medicine ; Blindness gives two friends a similar perspective: Duo feel the pulse of life; despite being visually impaired ; Lost liberty in Guantanamo ; OUSC election: votes counted; turnout low ; Robotics team has high hopes ; Blood behind the scenes ; Students face the effects of globalization ; SPB sparkles: Student Program Board creates club night at Oakland University ; Journalism icon dies at 76 ; POLICE FILES ; Paralympic medal winner visits OU ; EDITORIAL High hopes from the diverse leadership of recently elected OUSC administration ; EARTH TALK: Questions & Answers About Our Environment ; Vice president of GSA talks about the upcoming drag show and overcoming stage fright ; Sexual Health ; Save the planet; save your money ; It don't matter if it's black and white: Oil's photography contest's first place black and white category winner; Oakland grad student Scott Westhoven ; H20 Addiction ; Shady Business: BECAUSE SQUINTING NEVER LOOKS COOL ; SPIN into control: Little things that the environmentally concerned do to make a big difference ; Innocence gone: Local mother offers child for photos; sex ; No bullies: Anti-bully bills spark fights ; 18-year-old runs for Howell school board: Student hopes to be write-in ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF ; Not just for kicks: Women's soccer volunteers time to help community ; Putting the pieces back together: Lacrosse back to square one after championship season ; Grizzlies bested by Broncos in doubleheader ; Grizzlies take two ; In Case You Missed It ; DID YOU SEE THAT?! ; FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE ; AMY WINEHOUSE Back to Black ; DAWN ; BLADES OF GLORY ; The Bush-Halliburton complex: Iraq is for sale: Iraqi war zone becomes free enterprise for companies with the right connections ; HALLIBURTON ; Who doesn't love a good party?: Opening day is great; but it's the party that brings out the crowds



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, New program proposals, Robotics, Blood drives, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Student Program Board, Shine, Neal, 1930-2007, Obituaries, LGBTQ, Non-traditional students, Bullying, Charity, Women's soccer, Student activities, Detroit Tigers