The Oakland Post 1992-03-12



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sandra Packard named president: Board makes decision after discussion of candidates ; UTC provost wins on second ballot ; Community breathes sigh of relief ; DeCarlo uncertain about future ; Contract; compensation pact for Packard to be negotiated ; OU search bill tops $70,000 ; Packard faces challenges; obligations ; Let's put community back in OU way of life: VIEWPOINT ; Cook serves student concerns ; Selection committee meets challenge ; Firm steers OU through search ; Presidential position comes with perks ; Job comes with challenges ; Search throws wrench in daily campus life ; Recent university leaders don't make the grade in faculty; staff ratings ; Former presidents' names remembered on buildings ; Calendar ART ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; Tough on inside of West Side ; TV drama star's first flick lacking bliss; plot ; Lawnmower Man cuts up screen ; Latest ReIeases ; Lush creates Spooky, mystical music ; Release proves Detroit is full of chaos ; A pleasant face slap ; Pride becomes fashionable: Local stores offer students style; made in the USA ; Tuition service guarantees real financial return ; Fogel faces OU; shares experiences ; Students paint the town for fun, profit



Presidential searches, Packard, Sandra, Packard, Sandra, Oakland University. Office of the President