Oakland University News: August 1992



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Oakland University


Physics Researchers Continue Fighting Cancer with Laser Technology ; Kleckner Announces Plans to Return to Teaching Engineering ; Professor Gregory Appointed to Governor's Advisory Group ; Search Begins to Fill Vice Presidency ; Program Gives Students a Vision on Education ; Season Tickets on Sale for Meadow Brook Theatre ; Dykes Helping Black Families Hold on to Their Cultural Heritage ; Khapoya Speaks Before Congressional Panel ; Golfer makes second hole-in-one on Katke-Cousins Golf Course ; Volunteers Needed to Paint the Town Red (of Green, Blue...) ; Do What Villians Couldn't: Catch James Bond's Car: State Deans to Gather to Mull Financial Squeezes ; Accounting Major Receives Scholarship from NABA ; Macker Could Draw 40,000 to Campus




Cancer research, Lasers, Gregory, Karl, Oakland University. School of Business Administration, Kleckner, Keith R., 1936-, Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, Middle school students, Pontiac Public Schools, Dykes, De Witt, Heritage, Khapoya, Vincent, Africa, Political science