The Oakland Post 1989-09-25



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Asbestos search to cover entire campus ; Champagne addresses University Senate ; Actress Glenda Jackson leaves McGregor profressorship vacant ; In session ; Cool class ; Alcohol policy remains under consideration ; Sexual harassment allegations denied at OU labor center ; Corrections ; Beer Lake Yacht Club carries Perry products ; Educational program on sexual harassment may help solve problems ; Letter to the Editor Pulling student scholarships is no way to address cheating in college sports ; Recent coverage of OU doesn't say much for us ; Blow out ; Weekends are no circus for trainer ; Study habits down the drain ; Professor films voodoo; herbal and faith healing ; Russian tunes sound like poetry ; This valentine is sure to warm the heart ; Pioneers stay unbeaten; still No. 2 ; Lights are a bright idea ; Soccer tournament features nations best ; Harriers running without Osmun ; Volleyballers' attack back on track ; Monday Night Picks



Asbestos, Alcohol policy, Jackson, Glenda, Murphy, Brian, MacGregor professor, Detroit Lions, Luczak, Steve, Voodoo, Healing practices, Faith healing