The Oakland Post 1988-12-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Administrators debate name of new Marriott convenience store ; Winter semester enrollment decreased ; Yes Virginia; there is a Joe Champagne ; Budget deficit forces theater ticket increase ; Budget finished halfway into fiscal year ; Speaker says ignorance reason for racism ; Donald was 'essence of gentleman' ; News Briefs Club donates $1,000 to Center for the Arts ; Man arrested in connection with assault & battery ; Corrections ; What to do if exams conflict ; Campus anti-rape protests take angry turn ; University loves to use euphemisms ; Congress aspirant offers suggestions ; Letters to the Editor Crisis center tests for more than pregnancy ; Soccer player's arraignment no one's business ; Post convicts Paukovits before courts ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Christmas spirit alive and well ; AIDS: It's closer than you think ; Bah Humbug! ; Twins gather for double talk ; Combination of medications may hamper effectiveness ; 'Naked Gun' dumb; but funny ; MOVIE REVIEW ; What's Happening ; There's no place like home - on campus for married students ; Merry Christmas ; Pioneers lose in semifinal ; Women hoopsters rebound ; Men tankers near the top in Big 10 Classic ; OU netters break record ; Individual awards go to Pioneer volleyballers ; Men cagers overcome slow start; down Defiance 71-61 ; Harrison; Jones cap OU careers with title ; College bowl game picks ; Monday night football picks



Beer lake yacht club, Enrollment, Budgets, Smith, John, Association of Black Students, Racism, Anti-rape protests, Donald, Robert, AIDS, Twins, Married students, George T. Matthews Apartments, Men's tennis, Jones, Tracey, Harrison, Anne