The Oakland Post 2005-03-30



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OUSC battles over banquet costs ; Last-minute campaigning: Speaker encourages students to take part in King's dream ; Reporter shares experiences from Iraq ; Campus remains dance-free ; Levin speaks at OU ; Red Cross collects blood ; Master's program enjoys success ; Risking lives to save art ; Series explores Grant's character ; files police ; the LOW down ; Students cast ballots: Students vote for president; vice president and legislators ; news IN short ; ASME Backoff Lecture ; Pimp yo' ride ; Global Glance ; Women's history movement reaches milestone this March ; Global goof ; TAXING Times: Facts about filing and tax form tips as deadline LOOMS ; New club draws an older crowd ; EDITORIAL Religious groups dispute over National Day of Prayer ; DIVERSITY CORNER University should recognize accomplishments of Parks ; GUEST OPINION Here's how Bush may win by losing ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Funds should not have been used for plane ticket ; Conference highlights diversity ; Tom Butwin: OU student takes his voice and guitar to the local scene ; Sequel "armed" with a similar humor ; Beck explores variety of music genres: Album surprises audiences with new sounds and unusual style ; contemporary Detroit Artist is ONE WITH COMMUNICATION: Phaedra Robinson brings unusual mediums and content to art world ; Two Minutes With: The Fireside Lounge Piano ; DANTE'S ENIGMA ; Clean Up Your Act: ENVIRONMENT ; Recommended: READING ; Crossword puzzle ; Comic ; Horoscopes ; Tourney tickets on sale: NCAA first and second rounds to be held at The Palace ; Women's tennis still in search of first win ; Golf squads sweep Butler Invitational ; Defending national champions start strongly ; Heroics give game greatest weekend ; Grizzlies swept by Wolverines ; COLUMN Spring is almost in the air



Oakland University. Student Congress, Levin, Carl, 1934-, Blood drives, Women's history month, NCAA, Men's basketball