The Oakland Post 2015-04-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


On a Mission ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; Editorial While other universities struggle; OU cleans up its act ; Perspectives Letter to the Editor: Eradicate the erasure ; 'by publicly displaying images that equate those decisions they make or have made; women are being shamed' ; Perspectives Let's talk abortion and the Indiana bill ; 'These events are seminal moments for us college students because they deal with issues we care about' ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl ; ''Did you vote in the OUSC elections?" ; POLICE FILES: Officer responded to stalking complaint ; Campus Time to take charge: Say hello to the new student body leaders: Walter - Kubinski win OUSC elections; have big plans ; Campus Grad assistant narrows learning down to a science: Thomas Boleyn explains the various learning methods students can use ; Campus On display for the world to see ; Communication and journalism student showcase presents essays; photographs; multimedia pieces ; Campus OU 'Perseverance' prevails ; Winter Guard earns state champion title; overcomes obstacles ; Students rally support for those affected by ISIS ; Student orgs speak out against terror group; aim to help victims ; Campus ElliottTower 'lights it up blue' ; OUCARES joins Autism Speaks for World Autism Awareness Day ; Oakland in Hynd's sight The statement ; ON A MISSION SALWAN GEORGES ; themix ; YAKS of the WEEK YikYak: The voice of the people ; TOP TUNES: WXOU albums of the week ; Life Women united: Past; present and future ; GSC; WGS celebrate the end of Women's History Month ; Life Dancers dip into OU's salsa ; Patrons learn salsa; other Latin dances at biannual'Salsa Night' celebration ; Comparing costs: The Apple Watch ; Life Pride Week rolls In with 'gayme' night; pride prom ; Life Breaking through the STEM stereotypes: Computer Science and Engineering professor aims to inspire young women to join the field ; Puzzles Across ; Mouthing Off SATIRE More smitten for the mitten ; Sports Judo club turns up to throw down: Judo team members compete in state tournaments; experience success; overcome obstacles ; Prediction: Metro Series projects in Oakland's favor ; Oakland-Detroit rivalry finishing strong in 2015 ; Sports Oakland runs circles around U of D: Inaugural meet features dominant performance ; THE SPORTING BLITZ Baseball



Hynd, George W., Oakland University. Student Congress, Learning theory, Religions, Elliott Tower, Autism, Environment, Women's history month, Latino students, Technology, LGBTQ, STEM, Martial arts