The Oakland Post 2009-03-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Best of Metro Detroit ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Do we only vote if we're bought? ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Pope wrongly condemns condoms ; Counting the little things ; Loose Threads ; How confident are you in finding a job in your area of study after graduation? ; Bill Ayers stresses equality ; Legislators speak up ; Looking for liaisons ; Last chance to vote ; OU - Macomb offers several new programs ; Find out which candidates will be the new OU student body president and vice president as soon as the results are ; Dancing the night away ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: Prof heads to Congress to appeal for science funding ; Student congress petitions for MIP amnesty ; Poetry writing contest deadline approaching ; Evaluating safety ; GSC puts rape on trial ; POLICE FILES ; Michigan grows its own: Hiller's highlights on local products ; NEWS BRIEFS: Probation for counterfeit Coke case ; Finance team appointed to DPS ; Man's 200-mile raises $11k ; Group calls for tests on Tasers after death of teen ; BEST SUSHI SUMO SUSHI ; BARS ; BEST MICRO SREWERY ROCHESTER MILLS ; MUSIC & CULTURE: Best Local Getaway ; BEST DOWNTOWN DETROIT ; YOURS TRULY THE DECKS; MADISON OPENA ; SHOPPING: Mall ; BEST LOCAL MUSIC STORE ROCK-A-BILLY'S ; ATHLETICS: WORST SPORTS TEAM DETROIT LIONS ; Minding changes in business: SBA adds programs to prepare students for a changing economy ; Jensen's journey to OU: Freshman swimmer becomes a focal point for the championship ; OU's basketball season ends in a controversy: Are fans still paying for 2005? ; Losses tarnish season ; Progress tracked: OU looks to establish a track facility on campus ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; Proyas predicts the future ; OUICK HITS "Resident Evil 5.": Reviews In 30 seconds ; "Watchmen" ; "Role Models" ; TRASH TALKS: The Post found random (and gross) acts of littering around our school. ; What is the worst thing you've ever seen as litter? ; Is this fine too high or too low? ; Would you rather: Everyone be forced to recycle by law or be able to continue to recycle freely? ; Cover the spring stink ; Creating the right deodorant can have more perks than just smelling good ; How browsing can screw up your life: may not intend on ruining social skills but one has learned it can ; WWII A-bomb survivor recognized ; N W BRIEFS ; Cleaning up the fatal wreckage ; Calif. mechanic shoots 2; is killed by police ; Extremist march provokes clash



Ayres, Bill, Oakland University. Student Congress, Macomb satellite campus, Oakland University Police Department, Active shooter training, Women's history month, Oakland University. School of Business Administration