The Oakland Post 1988-10-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


To-ga! To-ga! ; Faculty ratifies new contract ; Thieves net $1,300 ; PT instructor joins university as visiting scholar ; WOUX changes format ; Racism conference report due out in few weeks ; Economist tells audience U.S. pattern must change ; News Briefs Students stuck in dorm elevator for nearly two hours ; Fire; 'Post' ruin hall microwave ; Golf expense money stolen ; School accredited ; New RH parking policy begins ; Suspect cleared in Uzi incident ; Scholars named ; Students chosen to state board ; Equipment stolen from Varner Hall ; Corrections ; Program assists officers ; Americans more educated ; Attitude in United States needs change ; Letters to the Editor Columnist encourages stereotypes ; Silencing opinion no answer to outspokenness ; Canada geese prove hilarious writing material ; University gives privileges to older students ; Writer's label offends reader ; Chiappetta's bigotry apparent ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Sony about the label ; Classes get physical challenge: Physical therapy instructor gives unique assignments ; Vienna study program in second year ; Mozart's nemesis comes to life in 'Amadeus' ; Acne care on-going; yeast infections preventable ; Album bops to pop beat ; Main attraction ; What's Happening ; Pool room position ; WMU plans ban on skateboards ; I was just thinking ; Pioneers tie Titans; Tiffin ; Golfers finish 11th at UT-M ; Spikers queens of the road ; First in GLIAC after fourth straight road victory ; Monday night football picks ; Tennis team trounces Hillsdale ; Netters swing for record; charity ; OU spikers host tourney ; PSU rips Cincinnati ; Intramural standings; scores and results ; Men's Football



Cobb, Faye, Thurow, Lester, Oakland University Police Department, Student marshall program, Physical therapy, Sabourin, Robin, Acne, Yeast infections, Faculty contracts, Conferences, Racism