The Oakland Post 2006-03-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


STUDENT CONGRESS ELECTIONS Who will it be?: One more day! ; ELECTIONS Voting kicks off without a hitch ; POLICE FILES ; Fashion artist visits MBAG: Painter uses Detroit surroundings as inspiration for work ; $5000 await solid journalism ; Three Congress members face removal from duties ; LAZY DAY ; 'Take a stroll down Main Street' ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: McGuinness and Miller proved themselves during debates ; McGuinness-Miller have 'strong leadership and representation' ; 'I am issues-based; rather than agenda based' ; It's time for OU administration to treat CT's with respect ; 'Flex accounts' cause problem for student org ; GUEST COLUMN TV viewers; watch out for product placement ; Thousands rally for immigrants: Protests against legislation flood cities ; INTERNATIONAL BORDER Second border to border bridge considered ; The Second City 'Bobble Heads of State': turns everyday life into a laughing matter ; Spotlight ; Lack of sleep can lead to obesity; high blood pressure ; HOCKEY Hard work worth it for McMahon ; Grizzlies Sports Roundup ; George Mason's upset by no means a fluke



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Oakland University Art Gallery, Scholarships, Sleep