The Oakland Post 2018-09-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Book Encounters of the Rare Kind: This month's exhibit in the Oakland University Art Gallery features books of both aesthetic and academic significance ; Voting Turnout: OU is ranked as a top school for student voting ; Welcome Week: Photo highlights from fall 2018 Welcome Week ; Grant Recipient: OU Professor receives grant to promote computer science ; The construction is worth is ; Welcome Week traditions change since its start in 1993 ; OUSC to bring Arbor Initiatives Committee to campus: The committee hopes to show the community that Oakland is committed to being tree-friendly ; On-campus resources to help ace this semester ; Oakland makes list for best student voting ; Police Files: Tempers boil over ; Online dating takes a turn ; Art gallery showcases literature in a new way ; Welcome Week 2018 ; Professor receives grant for the benefit of African-American Girls ; A tale of two study abroads ; Kavanagh faces new resistance on fourth day: As hearings continue; concerns run high about Roe v. Wade and other Supreme Court decisions ; Plum Market offers fresh; healthy options for students: The new area makes the renovated Oakland Center even better ; New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 19: The shows; trends; and a future of fashion ; Men's soccer has first loss of the year; 4-1 to UIC ; Club football Captain Bobby Saad prepares for senior season ; Nike and Kaepernick spark outrage and praise in new ad ; Students reacts to Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign ; An open letter to pumpkin spice latte haters: The tweets and the videos on Instagram and Snapchat are getting a little out of hand



Oakland University Art Gallery, Welcome Week, Environment, Elections, Eis, Andrea, Grants, Study abroad, Minorities, Computers, Food service operations, Fashion