The Oakland Post 1994-11-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Lepley pool beats the rap: OU swimming competition stays ; Fall Schedule reminders ; OU Speaker ; Congress resolution charges board members with disrespect ; Community work-study program launched ; Campus News MCC leader pitches lobbying plan ; CRIME WATCH ; Counselor tells of suicide warning signs ; Student found dead: Troubled past leads to suicide on east campus ; Report rates Oakland high in the nation ; EDITOR S VIEW Counseling center clarifies its studies ; Letters to the Editor Student Affairs office chalks up new graffiti policy following GALA affair ; Greek supports GALA's message; promises future Rush Week cliches ; Thought Police rule E. Lansing ; Survey says "Are you planning to vote in next week's election; and if so; who will you vote for?" ; To Kill A Mockingbird ; Features Climbing the family tree ; What a long strange trip it's been: Deadheads will never die ; Susan Harden ; Music from the jungle ; AGAIN: Offspring; Green Day keep ; Going back to school: Almost half of Oil's students are over the age of 23 and NTSA feels that it's about time they're recognized ; Monks turn techno on new release 'Enchanted' ; OU EVENTS ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; COMEDY ; FILM ; CIPO This Week!: CIPO Programs ; Sports Pioneers of the Week ; Spikers back in picture ; Netters take third at GLIAC tourney ; Pioneers jump in polls with two ; Revival: Streaky Pioneers on Long road back ; Lepley gets new sand box ; OU intramurals



Lepley Sports Center, Oakland University. Student Congress, Work-study jobs, Suicide, Families