The Oakland Post 1992-01-29



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


New Student Congress Members ; Space Utilization Committee ; Free Tickets ; Immigration Policy ; Eyeglass and Hearing Aids Collection ; Cancer Support Group ; BAM Events ; Search narrowed to four finalists: Petition asks consideration for DeCarlo ; Candidates considered outstanding ; Candidates flown in for interviews ; Two studies show bleak outlook for graduates ; Fist fight erupts at SPB game ; Congress fills vacancies; discusses flier ; Heavy snowfall costs university big money ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW World order puzzle missing peace ; ANOTHER VIEW ; Time to find appropriate new role for men; fathers: National View ; Sins of past are forever haunting ; Mentoring program opens eyes ; "That Scoundrel Scapin" kindles Sheridan's ride ; Counseling center turns on "little light" ; Grad studies avian disease in Hawaii ; Super Bowl and Lions excitement can't compare ; Pioneer basketball on top: OU in a four way tie for first place in GLIAC race ; Women's basketball loses to FSU at home but rebounds away at WSU ; Lady swimmers earn a tie and a win ; Male tankers take two ; OU loses to Lake Superior State



Presidential searches, Oakland University. Student Congress, Snow removal, Mentoring