The Oakland Post 2001-03-14



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


NEWS edge ; Parking study uncovers need for expansion ; Professors; dept. face criticism of APM 541 ; Dancers swing to OU: Students learn moves; put on their zoot-suits ; Elections near; 3 pairs running ; CRIME watch ; OUSC tastes change in funding ; Mock talent ; Nursing student awarded with national fellowship ; Raise in fees equals growth in student activities ; Editor's View Math dept. takes heat for language barrier ; Letters to the Editor: Letter Responses: religion at Keeper banquet ; Affairs student UPDATING OU ; MOTLEY FOOLU: EARLY MORTGAGE PAYOFF ; Colleges combat binge drinking ; Smokers save cash; companies shell out: Cancer patient first to collect money from tobacco industry ; Agencies target marketing; ad majors for jobs ; GHB drug increases risks of date-rape on college campuses ; Four Day w e a t h e r ; LIFE edge ON CAMPUS ; Luck O' THE Irish: St. Patrick's Day history; myths; traditions ; Ten things to do on St. Patrick's Day ; SAT scores not required for OU; XFL to follow ; inside b ; Alexandrakis' CD; 'I.V. Catatonia' flops; leaving listeners feeling unsatisfied: Pop; rock collide turning over a new leaf in the music business ; Students wave 'Bon Voyage' to study ; Midterms approach; students begin 'the BIG' cram ; BiZaRaO ; SPORTS edge SCORE BOARD ; Playing with heart: Nik Dragicevic recovers from open heart surgery: Redshirted baller waits for doctors' responses ; Baseball team goes 0-10 to start season ; March Madness provides excitement for everyone ; Maxey leads team in tennis openers: OU defeated by Wright State; Wisconsin-Milwaukee in spring games ; Grizzlies lose to Western Kentucky: Spanke not playing; Ogg still expects big things from team ; B-Ball season ticket sales increasing slowly ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; the Golden Grizzly ; Let the GRILL times roll ; '15 Minutes' explores violence; media stimulation ; For Your Entertainment: Surviving The Post



Parking, Oakland University. Student Congress, Binge drinking