Client-and Designer-Based Linocut Relief Printing on Linoleum

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This project assessed linocut printing as a viable design process in modern times through creating and comparing different qualities of linocut-based work. Learning the opinions of designers and the general public about these varying qualities of linocut work was essential to discover the possibility of reducing issues of budget and time that have made the once-popular method rare today. Minimizing these issues will enable graphic designers to reignite linocut for clients in their work and slow down to reconnect with their work and craft. Additionally, this project provided knowledge in the preferences of linocut types for various age groups and occupations, the perspectives of linocut designers, if the price and quality of linocut are negotiable, and if linocut is worth reviving.

  This new knowledge will result in unique and quality prints, prints designers can include in their work, and a greater understanding of linocut for readers. Most importantly, designers will benefit from slowing down to reconnect with their work and craft; additionally, client priorities were examined to verify linocut is a feasible approach to commercial-based design work.



Linocut, Printmaking, Graphic design, Designers, Clients