The Oakland Post 2012-09-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


VICTORY ; this week PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; STUDENT SWORDPLAY ; BY THE NUMBERS ; Perspectives: STAFF EDITORIAL Now that AAUP contracts are resolved; let's work on housing ; Perspectives: EDITORIAL West Nile Virus: Epidemic or case for concern? ; Campus Alternate dorm rooms ; Housing overbooked for second year in a row ; POLICE BRIEFS: Underage drinking reported ; Campus Open for business: Students are able to get their first look into the new Human Health Building ; Hammering out a deal ; BARGANING TIMELINE ; KEY PLAYERS ; AAUP ; Dodging drops: Despite downpours; campus flooded with new students at welcome events ; MAIN PHOTO ; Sports Teamwork runs deep: Cross-country teams set sights on the finish line ; Sports Golden Grizzlies shutout competition at home: Oakland remains undefeated after 2 victories over Labor Day weekend ; Sports Tough road ahead: Basketball teams schedule includes heavy traveling ; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Volleyball team shines in Golden Grizzlies Invitational ; Local Summer's grand finale: Royal Oak hosts annual festival celebrating arts; music; local eateries ; Local companies' growth recognized: Inc. magazine touts Rochester businesses ; Celebrating an era with the DIA ; Life Brick & Mortar ; life Getting wings ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Keeping up with pros and contracts



Student housing, Human Health Building, Union contracts, Detroit Institute of Arts, Meadow Brook Hall, Art, Student activities