The Oakland Post 2012-03-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Change ; Flash ; Magic ; this week ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL Make student housing a priority at today's Board of Trustees meeting ; Perspectives EDITORIAL Trayvon Martin is more than his hoodie: Martin-Zimmerman incident not about race; focus on controversial self-defense laws ; Campus MTV recruits students on campus for 'MADE' ; Students will audition to have dreams come true ; CAMPUS BRIEFS Yellow Rage at OU ; Campus Fabulous fashion; fabulous fun ; Students organize fashion show to raise money for a new school in India ; Campus Students denied marriage licences: LGBTQ students raise awareness; apply for marriage licenses; Campus BEAR BUS EXPANSION Snyder aims to keep tuition costs low ; New budget formula from the governor to go in effect ; Last day to vote for Student Congress elections nears: Students can vote for up coming elections ; FILES Attempted assault to OUPD in parking lot ; Campus ; THE OU ; Sports Turning the season around: Softball team hopes to rebound after sluggish start of the season ; Anticipating a change in results: Track and field teams look to challenge Summit League poll ; THE SPORTING BLITZ ; Local A SECOND CHANCE: Three orphaned grizzly cubs make Detroit debut at Detroit Zoo ; Business advocate for local food production ; WEEKLY PUZZLES ; Local restaurants support struggling economy by buying local produce; ingredients ; LOCAL BRIEFS Spring charity craft show ; Puzzles ; Local Eateries participate in Troy Restaurant week: Troy restaurants offer up deals and donations as part of restaurant week ; Life Meadow Brook Hall on display: Photo students capture unseen corners of the historic monument ; Life Ming out the snitch: Muggle Quidditch League celebrates childhood memories ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Weather forecasts the end of times ; SATIRE WEEKLY TOP 10



Fashion, LGBT+, LGBT+, Tuition rates, State funding, Oakland University. Student Congress, Bear Bus, Meadow Brook Hall, Student activities, Oakland University. Student Organizations