The Oakland Post 1989-06-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Urice backed for dean post; vote pending: Board fails to reach quorum at meeting ; Chinese students demonstrate support for struggling students and relatives ; University and student groups combat racism ; Lowrey Education Center one of first programs to be accredited in nation ; Kresge construction on schedule; extras to take years ; Biochemistry institute approved at meeting ; Blanchard fails to be straight with us ; Plagiarism in any form not worth risk; no matter how tempting ; Signing should count as foreign language credit ; Letters to the Editor Governor responds to Michigan students about tuition costs ; Playgirl magazine was gift to library ; Beijing crisis hits home ; Family comes first ; Democracy is a luxury ; A peaceful America ; Mansion's charm is just like home: Guests welcome at Meadow Brook Hall ; Student trashes name; plans for studies in Japan ; Older students share different views ; Summer time slumber time ; Baaad Boys! ; Baseball season ends up leaving Pioneers all wet ; Hartman struggles through recovery: Athletic director hopeful to return after heart attack ; Gus Macker coming soon ; Pioneer Notes '89: Finally!



Urice, John K., Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Lowry Early Childhood Education Center, Construction, Meadow Brook Hall, Study abroad, Japan, Hartman, Paul, Heart attacks