The Oakland Post 2014-11-19



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Black and Goaled ; on the web ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; POLL OF THE WEEK ; LAST WEEK'S POLL ; Editorial In the race to be the best; OU has its priorities straight ; Campus Senior music major says farewell with parting advice ; Explore campus; meet people; enjoy your time here ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl: "What do you think about having classes the night before Thanksgiving?" ; POLICE: Fire alarm goes off in Oak View dorms ; Campus 'Conditioned to fear Shakespeare' ; Difficult language of Shakespeare discourages students from reading and appreciating his works ; Shakespeare inspired the silver screen ; Honors college journal 'Echo Cognitio' accepting submissions from all students ; Campus Casual sex on the rise among emerging adults ; From the other side of the line ; Campus Gen eds generate fear ; Thanksgiving break: better late than never ; Campus Grizzlies going, going, gone ; Students prepare to leave the dorms for semester break ; 3 things to remember before moving out ; 'It's still people that make all the difference' ; Students gain connections; tips for a successful future after graduation ; the mix: odds and ends ; A FEW OU 'LIFE HACKS' ; YAKS of the WEEK ; TOP TUNES ; WXOU albums of the week ; The cost of college ; HORIZON LEAGUE HEIST ; BEN THERE; WON THAT ; Life From the Middle East to the Midwest ; Omani students band together 12,000 miles from home ; Campus Bearing the weight of success ; Students feel overwhelmed with weight of their work ; Liar, Liar: Shakespearean pants on fire ; 'The Liar' mashes Renaissance-style wit; crowd interactions for unique stage experience ; Top 10 reasons to see "The Liar" ; Life Putting it all on the tabla ; Puzzles ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Dressing well is in the jeans ; "xistential Crisis" ; Sports Building the next person up mentality ; Women's basketball head coach Jeff Tungate looks forward to another successful season on the court ; Sports Fighting back against violence ; New resource center determined to eliminate abuse on campus ; Sports Cheer; cheer, cheer for Oakland ; When the rest of the teams are on break; this one keeps things moving ; Editor's Picks: What to watch ; Sports Perspective: Playing through pain ; Corey Petros: 'a load down low': Oakland sophomore floors competition despite loss to Iowa State ; Sports Grizzlies won't stop going for the gold ; Volleyball team celebrates championship win; hosts tournament ; THE BLITZ: Cross Country ; Horizon League Standings



Men's soccer, Regional championships, Shakespeare, William, Echo Cognitio, General education requirements, Stress, Cheerleading, Women's volleyball