The Oakland Post 2013-11-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Hidden Treasure ; 340-year-old painting discovered at Meadow Brook Hall ; on the web ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; POLL OF THE WEEK ; LAST WEEK'S POLL ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL The internet is yours - Defend it ; Perspectives EDITORIAL Stump the librarian Trivia about tomes: Digging deeper into Kresge's book budget and perusing ancient texts ; Bitter bite of life makes future sweet: The story of the moment that changed one student's life ; Campus OU alum is now a radio star: Former student is now an executive producer and morning host on station 98.7 Amp ; OUSC discusses winter budget and scholarship bill ; Campus Let's get fiscal: OU students are going econ-friendly: Course PS 306 discusses actual government issues ; Campus Enter happy; leave happy; H.M.B.Homage to Hailey ; Friends; faculty remember Grizzly a month after accident ; Lost 'Lamb' found in MBH ; Sports Francis' attorney: 'We're contemplating our options': Judge rules in favor of former women's basketball coach ; Two men's basketball players suspended: Duke Mondy; Dante Williams released; not charged after incident in L.A. ; Fast Facts ; Life In the mood for a melody: OU senior vice president composes music in addition to academic duties ; 'Tis the season to be proper: Presidential Scholars Etiquette Dinner teaches table manners ; Life Swarming the social hive: OU alumni create a new networking app called Buhz ; Somewhere in silence: advice from Kresge's night owls ; Puzzles ; Cartoons Oakland Post Pete ; Life Student Profile of the Week Gary Essenmacher: Communication Major. Junior. Nickname: Gar-bear. Height: 6'2" ; Grizzlies on the Prowl: "What do you know about the Beckie Francis case?" ; POLICE FILES ; Mouthing Off SATIRE The green debate



Alumni, Budgets, Oakland University. Student Congress, Economics, Memorials, Detroit Institute of Arts, Meadow Brook Hall, Francis, Beckie, Student athletes, Lentini, James P., Social media, Kresge Library