The Oakland Post 1998-04-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


ARTHRITIS DISCOVERY ; LOOK ALIKES ; BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ; Activist talks of politics; justice ; Fogel donates to scholarship ; Election deliberation continues ; OU math equals positive results ; Dean Frankie retires from OU; Kresge ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH ; OU proudly presents: Two professors honored for achievement Yang Xia ; Nigel Hampton ; Compactor to aid OC in recycling; saving ; Surprising weather brings spring fever ; GHC director warns students of hepatitis B infection ; EDITOR'S VIEW Fairness is everything we need ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Campus reacts to elections held by Congress in March: Clumsy process ruins voting ; Andrews deemed irresponsible ; New mascot sparks name complaints ; More Letters to the Editor Speaker at campus event brings out views: UU leaders say universities should be arena for all opinions ; Bellant encourages intellectual thinking ; OU EVENTS ; THEATRE ; FILM ; MUSIC ; Speaker reviews Promise Keepers ; High risk bowling ; Renovations keep WXOU rocking on ; Music To Your Ears Local band uses '80s sound to make '90s music ; Sports Not so sunny results in Florida ; Bubble pops to a new location: The move is adding 150 feet of new area to the current Bubble ; New mascot: Embearassment of riches ; sports CALENDAR ; Baseball ; OU sports excel at gender equality ; Golden Grizzlies create a growl on campus ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: Tom Biljan Men's Baseball ; Pioneer Instant Replay Baseball ; Tennis ; Golf ; FEATURES SEPARATED at Birth: OU students and faculty walk among the stars ; Destination is not important - the journey is



Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-, Race, Activism, Elections, Frankie, Suzanne O., Kresge Library, Xia, Yang, Hampton, Nigel, Hepatitis B, Graham Health Center, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Gender equality