The Oakland Post 2017-10-11



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Filmmaking Challenge: Grizzlies prepare to write; shoot and edit a film in 24 hours or less ; NY Comic Con. Perspective on attending New York Comic Con ; Town Hall. Students invited to speak their minds following climate survey ; Lecturers Displaced. Special lecturers asked to vacate offices for more CAS advising ; Looking back: Angry students revolt ; The New York Comic Con experience: Org spotlight: Organization of Diversity and Health ; Mental Health and Management: Learn more about how you can better your mental health and achieve happiness; Staying safe at school: Oakland takes extra precaution for students ; OUWB reveals the reality of bone marrow donations: Medical school organizes organ and bone marrow drive to save many lives ; The Golden Grizzly 24-hour filmmaking challenge: Participants in the event will spend the night editing videos; meant to get more students involved ; Giving back by hiring our heroes: Oakland hosts job fair for veterans; military spouses and those currently serving ; Town Hall meeting looks at 2017's Climate Survey ; Growing pains: Special lecturers temporarily displaced ; BikeShare Program gets re-invented ; OU President and her daughter speak on women's enrichment: The ladies teamed up to share their personal experiences as women in leadership position ; The nuclear elephant in the room ; Political Focus: Spain is in crisis due to the unconstitutional Catalan Referendum ; The truth about "Fake News"" R.I.P to ethics and morals in journalism and how disinformation is affecting modern media ; "Bodak Yellow" makes history placing No. 1 on Billboards Hot 100 chart for two weeks ; "Blade Runner 2049" is a modern cinematic classic: New fantasy science fiction film starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford is not for the faint of heart ; Brawl erupts in Kresge Library over free pizza and coffee ; A passive-aggressive editorial from your mom: This is what you get when you don't call ; The life of a student athlete: Briana Glanda: Learn about one of Oakland's athletes and what it's like to balance school and sports ; Men's basketball is back ; Men's basketball finishes first in preseason poll; women in third ; Club sport highlight: Vitality Dance



Mental health, Oakland University Police Department, Veterans, Pescovitz, Ora Hirsch