The Oakland Post 2020-11-04




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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Black Lives Matter OU promotes the vote: Students march for mental health and democracy in election season ; Class politics: Shifting teaching during the 2020 election ; Fake news: Examining the way Trump’s presidency has changed media ; Young voters: Millenial and Gen Z voters could determine election results ; A look back at history: America divided Bush v. Gore ; Politically-focused student orgs and their election-based initiatives ; President delivers state of the university ; OU Political Science Professors address 2020 Presidential Election ; What students can do with a political science degree ; Student Congress encourages young voters ; OUPIECE works to improve equity in Pontiac: Pandemic illuminates internet issues faced by families with young children ; The ever changing relationship between media and politicians ; Donald Trump's documented problems with women ; Young voters overcoming barriers this election ; College educated and noncollege educated voters split ; U.S. shows record high 18-29 aged voter turnout ; ‘The Comey Rule’ on Showtime caters to 2016 election ; OU Athletics adapts to promote racial equality



Elections, Black Lives Matter movement, State of the University, Internet, Racial equality