The Oakland Post 2005-10-12



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Students wage war on war ; Student dismissed from OUSC duties ; RFK Jr. ignites passion at OU ; Francis named head coach of women's basketball ; Center opens for students ; OUSC wants healthy and vegitarian food choices ; Undecided can seek help at Advising Week ; OU athlete arraigned on drug charges ; POLICE FILES ; Student evaluations coming ; Most students say 'no' to bill: Proposal to ban cell phone usage while driving ranks low among OU students ; State considers public display of commandments ; Oakland County downtowns in the works ; A morning ; OU home to streams; meadows ; UP AND COMING ; Supreme Court to hear wetland regulation case ; Separating oil from sand brings big money to Canada ; Congress debates issue of imported carp bringing danger to Great Lakes ; GUEST COLUMN Affirmative action is in high demand ; "Hockey Is Back" ; "Junk Food In Schools" ; VOICE FROM THE STATE ; "Postmortem" ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Post and OUSC engage in shameful behavior ; Environment finally gets noticed ; OU is a gateway for many research opportunities ; DeVos: Michigan's challenges are solvable ; Delphi says to exit bankruptcy it must divest from its U.S. plants ; Standing tall ; What do you know about the war in Iraq? ; Weather delays earthquake rescue efforts ; NATION ; WORLD ; Hitchcock haunts campus ; Halloween gets an old-fashioned twist ; Learn apartment basics before signing a lease ; Money Matters: Students learn financial responsibility ; American waistlines continue to expand ; Lane takes coaching skills to another court ; SPORTS ; Oil bests rest of Division I ; Trading season is open in Fantasy Football



Anti-war movements, Kennedy, Robert F., Jr., Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University. Gender and Sexuality Center, Advising, Evaluation, Nature, Environment