The Oakland Post 1988-02-01



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


University celebrates black history ; Fire call ; Blanchard's budget request curtails money for higher ed ; Truck left in wrong gear causes roll ; Blood ; Students take longer to complete degrees ; Many changes in majors possible cause ; Women's studies provides different view ; NEWS BRIEFS Vandenberg site of recent thefts ; Gas line breaks ; AHC president quits position ; Violin virtuoso ; Reverse racism taints BAM ; Sex; food motivates human race ; Letters to the Editor Right to free speech should be practiced with self-restraint ; 'Post' fails black fraternity with insufficent coverage ; When snow storms hit; sand better than salt despite mess ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Dan Rather event not unique media attacked often ; What's Happening ; Play covers serious matters despite humorous material ; Class taught at Greenfield Village give teachers historic perspective ; Students form group to write creative magazine ; Dog becomes popular personality on campus ; Eight students art history professor spend fall semester in Vienna ; Counseling center offers valuable services to students community ; Measles close Colorado campus ; Florida; anyone? ; In her own words ; Special equipment ; Chinese torture ; Stretch before fencing ; A spot of tape ; Spike called me a wimp ; Pioneers put Ferris Bulldogs on leash as record crowd goes nuts ; Pioneer tankers sink third-ranked Clarion 138-79 ; Cheerleaders pompons pep band do their best ; Senior athletes reflect on end of playing days ; Gamecocks Groggery win face one another in title game ; Lady tankers not sad with 112-107 defeat ; Fencers cut deal with Wolverines join U of M team at tournament ; Cagers kick Ferris Bulldogs ; Hoop star Klein-Green has lawman husband ; GLIAC standings.



Black Awareness Month, Blanchard, James J., 1942-, Major changes, Women's studies, Greenfield Village, Kontuse, Kovach-Tarakanov, Helen, Midwest consortium for study abroad, Fink, Robert