The Oakland Post 1998-02-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


CASINO TALK ; MUSIC REVIEW ; WORLD ATHLETES ; Bissonnette bids farewell ; Gaming center raises concern ; Energy expert to attend DOE workshop ; Features Mayor Archer Speaks: 200 students; faculty listen ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH: Lab offers students hands-on training ; Campus Voice Students address the casino issue ; Zebra mussels beneficial ; Presidential expert says Bill Clinton hasn't got a thing on Richard Nixon ; Congress campaigning under way ; EDITOR'S VIEW Look ahead; but remember past mistakes ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Custodian details campus cleaning ; Everyone should share the responsibility ; Student Affairs: EVENTS ; MTD looks back on the 20th Century ; Don't let the overhyped holiday get you down ; OU EVENTS ; THEATRE ; FILM ; MUSIC ; What the audience saw ; Forum addresses school education ; MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Soundtrack strives for greatness but comes up short ; SPORTS Past Pioneers take on world: Swimming and Diving alumni see international action at the Olympics; Pan American; Goodwill games after their athletic careers at OU ; Local sports guru offers inspiration to OU students ; Two-week stall ends today at U-D Mercy ; Let your head swell with Pioneer Pride ; PIONEER INSIDE TRACK ; Student starts ice hockey club for OU ; Women's Tennis gears up to continue season in early spring ; Women's hoops rip Rochester ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: DENNY AMRHEIN MEN'S BASKETBALL



Bissonnette, Paul, Gaming centers, Sevilla, Michael, African American Celebration Month, Archer, Dennis, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. School of Music, Theatre and Dance, February forum, Swimming, Caputo, Pat, Men's hockey, Howell, Michael, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports