The Oakland Post 2016-01-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Hello 2016 ; Love Your Melon ; A Special Vacation ; Levi Strong ; Perspectives: from the Staff: Another year in the books ; The Real Deal: Welcome Back ; Grizzlies on the Prowl: How do you feel about New Year's resolutions and did you make any? ; Muslim students feel welcome at OU ; 'Love Your Melon' gains a new branch courtesy of OU students: Organization aims to increase donations for young cancer patients; keeping spirits going strong ; With ordering system repaired; options will open up for Chick-fil-A ; Grizzlies head to Central America to help local communities: During winter break; students traveled to Nicaragua to learn; provide medical assistance to those in need ; The Year in Review: Top headlines of 2015 ; In remembrance of ; Top Photos of 2015 ; Keeping you posted in 2016 ; Oakland faculty remains concerned over COO hiring ; Meadow Brook Mansion lights up for the holidays: Themed holiday walk takes visitors on a tour around the mansion; view artifacts not usually on display ; Does high school thoroughly prepare students for college? ; Don't fret failing: strive for succeeding ; Spak sparks Pontiac from within ; Satire: Road trip to Texas results in 'worst Christmas ever' ; Top 5 quotes most commonly uttered by OU students on 2015 ; Top 10 New Year's Resolutions ; Yaks of the Week ; Poor defensive efforts result in first league loss for Oakland ; Felder feels 'no pressure' after non-conference season draws nationwide attention ; Members of club football team stay 'Levi Strong': Teammate's resilience despite medical battles provide hope; strength



Religions, Cancer, Health care, Kunselman, Scott, Meadow Brook Hall, Internships