Catalonia’s Ambition for Independence in the 21st Century


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Alongside the recent formation of supranational organizations, like the European Union, has come the resurgence of peripheral nationalisms, including independentist movements in Scotland, Wallonia, and the Basque Country. Catalonia is one such independentist movement which has originated from the long history of struggle with the Spanish government over differences in language and culture. Despite there being many reasons to support their desire for sovereignty, including years of repression under Francisco Franco and a Supreme Court reversal on the Statute of Autonomy, the movement has garnered minimal legislative results. Currently, the movement is at a dead end until leadership is able to determine the next course of action. Using a comprehensive literature review, the present study will determine how new nations can develop in the modern era by compiling a list of factors that justify independence. Knowing these factors can help generate a list of guidelines to help independence movements formulate a specific plan to reach their goals while avoiding violent conflict.



Spain, Catalonia, Independence, Autonomy, Referendum, Culture, Language