The Oakland Post 1989-04-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Search for dean continues ; Italian serenade ; LUIS slows student work ; Commencement date change spoils students' plans ; Local residents to march for women's rights ; Number of students caught cheating rises over past year ; Hey; dummy! ; News Briefs Student Congress votes to raise GPA standards ; Woman gets flashed in library ; Dorm Notes Multiculture week offers variety ; Residence halls invite brothers; sisters to campus ; Corrections ; Few students opt for alternative grading system ; Noted economist says Soviets' Gorbachev cannot succeed ; Administrators must set example for community ; Library's LUIS poses problems ; Planted 'questions' cheapen debate ; Letters to the Editor Pro-choice stance riles Post readers: Society needs to examine morals ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Editorial misstates relevant legal fact ; Women; children deserve option to abortion ; Abortion advocates force moral beliefs on helpless fetuses ; Intellectuals must take public stand against Khomeini ; Public must demand high ethics standard from public officials ; Gay parents: Information; children's support important; one says ; 'Quilters' best of theater's season ; Immigrant student adjusts to life in U.S. ; What's Happening ; Students contenders for rush hour raceway ; Luedtke to speak on media victims ; Ready for baseball? ; An evening in Toronto; American style ; Tennis team sweeps U.P.foes ; Stewart; Parsons represent OU at college all-star game ; Baseball team sweeps Madonna in home opener ; Major League Baseball predictions ; OU athlete of the week



Library user information system, LUIS, Commencement, Women's rights, National Organization for Women, Cheating, Grading systems, Goldman, Marshall, Soviet Union, LGBT+, International students, Cvetkovic, Aleksander, Traffic, Men's tennis, Stewart, John, Men's soccer