The Oakland Post 1987-11-16



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Breakdown ; Future of barn land still undecided ; Martek wins close election ; President starts hiring freeze to cut budget ; President starts hiring freeze to cut budget ; Few faculty APs support capital campaign ; NEWS BRIEFS High library bids force reduction in expansion ; Head-on collision occurs before black-tie dinner ; Goose decapitated ; Larcenies cost students $140 ; False fire alarm forces evacuation of Hamlin Hall ; CIPO director leaves for new job ; Congress starts $500 award ; Mansion previews holiday tradition ; Student tours Japan observes attitudes ; Student bodybuilder shoots for 1988 Miss Michigan title ; What's Happening ; Turnout in congress race much too low ; Students must experience rejection ; Letters to the Editor Meister doesn't fit presidential mold still deserves chance ;



University budget, Barn Theatre, Martek, Kelly, Hiring freezes, Meadow Brook Hall, Holiday walk, Michigan Great Lakes bodybuilding championship, Proefke, Tracy, Bodybuiding