The Oakland Post 1990-12-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Student Congress members lobby against education cuts ; Instructor replaced following student complaints ; 'Tis the season ; Student wrecks truck chasing deer ; Students move to boycott BAM: Seek restructure; removal of whites ; Controversial educator blasts affirmitive action ; AIDS class hits funding glitch for winter term ; Rapping duo ; Letters presented ; Education only AIDS weapon ; Problem of the heart needs better strategies ; Letters to the Editor Dean's; college's position on student input not made clear ; Methods used in union bargaining hurtful; unfair ; Oakland Post neglects women's swimming team in coverage ; Experience a vintage Christmas ; the answer is - Cleveland ; Student organizations spread holiday cheer to needy ; Dances With Wolves a must-see: Actor Costner gambles with Western epic ; Carol encores at MBT ; Q: How do you feel about the media handling of the three girls who were kidnapped? ; Read his lips; Quayle offers students help ; Cops; guns and campuses ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; ZOO U. ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; Hatcher makes mark on league ; Women cagers win two and drop two ; Men fall to two Divsion I teams: Soule and Taylor lead scoring combine for 55 points vs CMU



Oakland University. Student Congress, Black Awareness Month, AIDS, Meadow Brook Hall