Communication for Organizational Assimilation

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This thesis seeks to investigate the adaptation of communication channels in regards to the reduction of uncertainty during organizational assimilation within the professional setting. For newcomers and interns entering into a new work environment they must seek feedback to successfully socialize and assimilate within the organization. This project will explore the use of traditional communication (face-to-face) compared to advanced communication and information technologies (ACIT’s). The aims are to understand the role of emerging ACIT’s, whether they have replaced traditional communication in organizational assimilation, and why newcomers must reduce uncertainty to assimilate into an organization. The different channels will be compared through literary analysis in attempts to discern if advanced technologies are replacing or simply aiding in the rapid advancement of communication within the process of organizational assimilation. The benefits of this project will display the importance of newcomer assimilation in their professional setting and the best communication channels by which to reduce uncertainty.



Communication, Socialization, Organizational, Employees, Channels, Workplace, Face-to-face, Technology